Who I am

I am Paige Hays, owner of Paige Hays, Therapy Services, LLC in Burnsville, MN.

Personally, I am a mother, an adoptive parent, and a special needs parent.

Professionally, I am an occupational therapist with extensive experience and expertise in working with children who have developmental needs, such as ADHD, cerebral palsy, and autism.  I strive to provide exceptional services.  By working directly with families in-home, I have the freedom to collaborate with parents to create individualized plans for each family.


2 daughters in hammockI hear it a hundred times a day- “Mommy!” I have two delightful little girls that fill my days with dress-up parties, dinosaurs, and coloring projects. My oldest daughter is a spirited preschooler who loves to explore the garden, sing “silly” songs (anything with animal noises), and catch bugs and worms. My youngest is a determined toddler who loves to play baby dolls, color (but only with markers), and chase her big sister. My house is loud and rambunctious; there are raisins on the floor, weeds in the garden, and a pile of mismatched socks. Being a parent is my most challenging job, but also the most rewarding. My personal experience as a parent helps me be honest and realistic in what I ask parents to do in my professional role. I understand how hard and overwhelming daily life is with children, but I promise that I have been there and done most of what I recommend to parents.

Adoptive Parent

daugher with teddy bearMy husband and I adopted our youngest child from China in fall of 2014. I am an advocate for adoption and for children to find forever families. I am still in the midst of the adoption journey with my daughter, with all the ups and downs that this complicated journey includes. I have had my fair share of “Is this normal?” moments. I know the strain of trying to balance attachment needs with medical and developmental needs of children (both newly home and long-time home) from international adoption. I have first-hand knowledge of how institutional settings and trauma effect development and am sensitive to the unique needs of adoptive families.

Special Needs Parent

mom and daughter in hospital I’ve been through many medical and therapy appointments, meeting with specialists from neurosurgery to ophthalmology. I’ve spent nights awake with my child in the PICU after major surgery. I’ve battled with a toddler to wear leg braces and glasses (not sure I have won these battles yet). My family has its own teachers, therapists, and doctors we rely on to help us best meet our children’s needs. Managing children’s medical and developmental needs is complex and challenging. There is no guide-book, no right or wrong, but instead I work hard every day at being an intentional and purposeful parent striving to give my children the best opportunities at success and happiness.

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Paige Hays I am a licensed and registered occupational therapist with extensive experience and expertise in working with children with developmental needs. I have always been drawn to helping children. I starting building my knowledge and skills while an undergraduate student by studying behavioral therapy techniques and working with children on the autism spectrum using ABA therapy. I paired my undergraduate degree in psychology with a master’s of science in occupational therapy from Washington University in St. Louis. The combination of psychology (I love studying the brain and how it works) and occupational therapy (which focuses on functioning in daily life) has given me the basis to best help children and families.  My clinical experience ranges from infants through young adults. I’ve worked in school, in-patient, and out-patient settings. I’ve worked with children with most major developmental disabilities, as well as specializing in children with rare disorders or complex medical needs. I provide care that integrates several therapeutic approaches: behavioral, developmental, sensory, cognitive, and neuro-developmental, with a focus on providing evidence-based interventions for families and children. My areas of expertise include executive functioning in children, behavior management, and neuro-developmental treatment (I completed the Pediatric Neurodevelopment Treatment training program in 2012). My wide range of clinical experience allows me to assist children with a variety of needs and children with multiple areas of needs.