Guest post at Children’s Home Society!

Check out my guest post on the Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Bringing Home an Adoptive Child with Medical or Special Needs.

Visit the link above for the full post, but a quick summary below:

Life with a child with medical or special needs takes extra time, energy, and knowledge.  There is a steep learning curve in dealing with the medical, educational, and health insurance systems… Here are the top five things you can do to prepare for bringing home your adopted child with medical or special needs:

1.  Find a community to support your family.

2.  Understand the potential needs of your child’s medical or developmental conditions.

3. Create a medical and rehabilitation plan. 

4. Know your health insurance coverage.

5. Contact your local school district and begin making an educational plan for your child.

Adopting a child with medical or special needs may take extra time, energy, and knowledge, but it is worth it all when you see your new child thriving in your family… After many years of working professionally with children with special needs, I had to learn as a mother to ask for help, and by just asking I was lead to wonderful support within the special needs community that has helped me be a stronger parent for my daughter.