For Professionals

I welcome referrals from other rehabilitation, education, or other childcare professionals.  My goal is to compliment, not replace, other services children are receiving.  I can provide a unique perspective by providing occupational therapy (OT) treatment and services in-home.  My focus is on the entire family, providing individualized interventions for children, building parenting skills, and creating successful environments.

My clinical experience ranges from infants through young adults. I’ve worked in school, in-patient, and out-patient settings. I’ve worked with children with most major developmental disabilities, as well as specializing in children with rare disorders or complex medical needs.  I provide care that integrates several therapeutic approaches: behavioral, developmental, sensory, cognitive, and neuro-developmental, with a focus on providing evidence-based interventions for families and children.  My areas of expertise include executive functioning in children, behavior management, and neuro-developmental treatment (I completed the pediatric Neurodevelopment Treatment training program in 2012).  My wide range of clinical experience allows me to assist children with a variety of needs and children with multiple areas of needs.

Download a flyer to share with a family- Paige Hays Occupational Therapy Services Handout

I am also available to speak on a variety of topics or on a consultations basis for other needs. Click here for more information.