Executive Functioning Resources

This post is for participants of my presentations about executive functioning skills.  Here is a collection of relevant resources for your use.  Please feel free to use, print, and share, as long as you properly credit me as the source.  Thank you!

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Blog posts to check out for more info and resources:

Now What?  What Parent, Teachers, and Therapists can do to Encourage Executive Function and Self-Regulation Skills in Everyday Life

What is it like to struggle with executive functioning?– links to resources that simulate dysfunction of executive functioning skills

All about international adoption and executive function development (4 part series), parts 3 and 4 are a great read for everyone!– some in-depth science about brain development, leading to what parents can do to help their children

Teaching Children to Problem Solve– using the strategy of goal-plan-do-check with children

Helping Children to Learn About Emotions

5 Best Answers to Your Child’s Questions (that encourage executive functioning skills)

How to promote executive function skills in daily routines:

Impulse Control: Home Activities and Game– great ideas for home, therapy, or school

3 Part Series on Self-Regulation Ideas:

Free Tools for Teaching Children to Calm (self-regulation)

Changing from “Time-Out” to “Take a Break”

How You Talk to Children Matters, A Lot!

OT Guide to Toys

Book review of “Taking Charge of ADHD” by R. Barkley

Curriculum review of Zones of Regulation by L. Kuypers

Resources for adults:


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