Welcome to Paige Hays, Therapy Services, LLC!

I am the owner and therapist, Paige Hays.  As of July 20th, 2015, I am officially open for business.

This business has been a dream of mine for many years.  I have always been driven to do excellent work in everything I do, and in my career this means taking on the challenge of owning my own therapy business.  After many years of being an occupational therapist, I have realized that to really do excellent work in helping families and children, I need to step outside the current systems that are in place for pediatric therapy and do something new.  My new vision is to provide therapy service to children and families in their own homes, individualized to each family’s needs, which allows the best chance of success for each family.  I am using a private pay model because I feel that the person paying for the service is the person driving the quality of care.  By having families directly pay me for my service, families can be certain they are getting quality services, determining what they need and when they need it.

Please look around my website for further information on services, costs, and how to contact me with questions.

Paige Hays is an occupational therapist who provides in-home, pediatric occupational therapy services in the south metro area of the Twin Cities, MN. She is a mother of 2 girls, avid DIYer, and a highly skilled and experienced OT. She specializes in working in pediatrics, with diverse expertise ranging from cognition and sensory issues to working with children with neuromuscular disabilities or complex medical needs.