Everyday, Simple Idea #3: Smiley Face to Get Shoes on the Right Feet

I am sharing some of the simple, daily things I do at home as a Mom that come from my occupational therapy background.

#3 Smiley face on the shoes

marker on shoes

Take a permanent marker and draw a smiley face (or other shape, like a heart or Batman logo), one half on each shoe, so when your shoes are on the correct feet they complete the picture.

Why?  Allows increased independence in toddler years when children want to put on their own shoes/boots, but can’t tell right from left.  This also begins to teach right vs left shoe by showing kids there is a correct foot for each shoe.

The markers lasted months before I had to touch it up.  I’ve done this on shoes and boots, even rain boots with success.  On darker shoes, I used an acrylic white pen, but a silver sharpie might also work.  I have also seen a large sticker (2″ square) cut in half, placed inside the shoe where the heel will sit.

Paige Hays is an occupational therapist who provides in-home, pediatric occupational therapy services in the south metro area of the Twin Cities, MN. She is a mother of 2 girls, avid DIYer, and a highly skilled and experienced OT. She specializes in working in pediatrics, with diverse expertise ranging from cognition and sensory issues to working with children with neuromuscular disabilities or complex medical needs.