Everyday, Simple Idea #18: Juice Box Wings

I am sharing some of the simple, daily things I do at home as a Mom that come from my occupational therapy background.

#18 Juice Box WingsJuice box with wings 1

OTs use a term called “force modulation” when describing how children learn how to handle objects (how much force is needed for a specific tasks).  However, a technical term is really not needed for most parents to agree that children struggle to handle anything gently.  Every day at my house phrases such as “not too hard,” “be careful,” and “gentle hands” are urgently yelled at my children as they try to pet the cat, carry a cup to the table, or help me put fruit in the fridge.

One of the experiences most parents have had is giving a young child a juice or milk box and having them squeeze it everywhere.

The truth is that most toddlers and preschools do not have the skill to hold it “gently.”  Their ability to control the force from their hands and bodies is still developing.

My sister-in-law showed me a brilliant trick that works around this problem- give the box wings!  Just pull up the tabs on the top and have your child hold the wings to drink.

Juice box with wings 2

Paige Hays is an occupational therapist who provides in-home, pediatric occupational therapy services in the south metro area of the Twin Cities, MN. She is a mother of 2 girls, avid DIYer, and a highly skilled and experienced OT. She specializes in working in pediatrics, with diverse expertise ranging from cognition and sensory issues to working with children with neuromuscular disabilities or complex medical needs.